Wondering how to bring your dream business to life?

Hey bold wannabe-founder,

let’s create your launch pad...

Tired of just talking...

About doing your own thing? You want..

.. to dare to dream and create a new work-life

.. a clear, manageable plan to make change

.. to finally start making your big idea a reality

But you're asking yourself...

How do I even


Do I have it in me to do something as big as this?

How do I tackle the things I don't know?

Where do I get the resources & confidence to succeed?

Will people love what I


Do I have the belief & resilience to make it work?

Want to go bold...

And not go home? Thought so.

  • You're an aspiring entrepreneur with a bold vision.

  • You love to help people connect and grow. With a deep sense of purpose, you want your venture to have a big positive impact.

  • You're up for learning by doing and growing emotionally.

Does this sound like you?*

  • Big heart
  • Ambitious
  • Resilient
  • Desire to create
  • Intuitive risk-taker

*most of the time, because life happens to all of us

How do I mentor founders?

I’m Principal & Co-founder of Playfilled and we're on a mission to heal the world with the power of play. It all started from a moment when I was an Exec in the City and I realised something fundamental was missing for me and others.

I love to support founders using my multi-disciplinary corporate and startup experience. Expect a lovely blend of co-design, creative mentoring, and intuitive coaching.

Low Fat Bio

  • Startup Principal
  • Startup Co-founder
  • Corporate Executive
  • Qualified Coach
  • Experienced mentor
  • Risk management leader
  • Change management
  • Qualified Accountant
  • Computer Science Degree

Full Fat Bio:

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How we’ll get you going

The Launch Pad Package


Personalised Action Plan & Resources

to guide your next steps


Outline Business & Product Design

to bring clarity of vision


Feel Confident & Energised

not daunted & unsure

In-person sessions in central London or Ibiza

Investment from £888 + Expenses

Founder stories

"Pauline helped bring clarity to my plans for my business, and definitely cleared cobwebs from my brain! A dusting of the brain cells which has helped me see a clearer way forward."

"I'm in the process of setting up a social enterprise and was feeling stuck. Pauline quickly got to the nub of the matter, and through her careful and clever questioning, high empathy and supportive approach, helped me unlock the way forward.... Pauline gave me the direction and confidence to move ahead at speed and create a successful business."

Multi-year ambitious dreams in progress


Personal Trainer


Micro Gym Collective


Single-site Chef


Global Hospitality Group


Accountancy Partner


Global Coach & Author